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    Website having issues with rollover effect on top of page

    Currently i am facing an issue with one of my under development website

    Demo page: Demo Page

    You all can see a grey bar right after header of webpage
    i have placed 5 images in that bar and also placed a JavaScript mouse-over effect on them
    but when i move mouse over these pics (Just pictures on left are working)
    Right side pictures are not showing any effect on mouse over

    I have also placed same mouse over images after (Our Aim Image)
    and at that place this effect is working perfectly.

    I have also tried to place these pictures on different ares of my webpage.
    But these pictures are not working right after header
    And when i place these pictures after (Our Aim Image) These are working perfectly

    Want Experts help to resolve this issue
    Thanks to all

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    Your flash navigation is on top of those images, so when you mouse over that part, the mouse only sees the flash piece and not those images.

    the issue you are going to have is that you can either have the nav menu be on top (which is what you want for when the drop down menu happens) or the images.

    The one workaround that I can think of is to set the nav to be 159px in height. Then, when you mouse over the header or nav element, resize it to 300px.

    I don't know if that will work, but I don't see any other way to fix this issue.
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