First, I started by adapting the default template that the CMS gave me, instead of starting from scratch. Probably a bad idea but it was 2007 or something like that and I've changed it many times since then.

Part of the problem is that the CMS (textpattern if you're interested) relies on custom tags that call up "forms" which contain bits of html and other code. So it's really hard to write a cohesive template and then chop it up correctly so that it all works. Anyway, I've got several clunky workarounds in place but I have two main issues I'd really like some expert help with.

The first is the left menus of my site. You can see the workarounds because if they're not in place, sometimes the text displays to the left of the "scroll" that it's supposed to be written on. Occasionally text will stick out too far to the right as well. There is also a stray bottom chunk of scroll paper above the "Barcode" section of the menu and I don't know why. Also the random gallery image is shifted to the right and I don't know why. It didn't used to be and I'm reverting to an older version of the stylesheet when I get home tonight to see if that fixes it...

The second is that my main area of the front page (not all the content pages within the site, just the front page) is built using tables (and a little css) rather than css and I'd like to change that. I don't know how. The main problem is the section that is two side by side columns that I want to be right. If anyone could offer suggestions on that it would be nice.

The site is

If anyone can offer sage advice I'd be really appreciative