I have a selection box and i want to show/hide table content based on what they pick. If they pick Fixed Price then show Price and Capability.

    <td class="propertyCol">Type:</td>
    <td><form id="form">
      <select name="jumpMenu">
      <option selected="selected">Choose</option>
        <option>Fixed Price</option>
        <option>Price Per Call</option>
  <tr style="visibility:hidden">
    <td class="propertyCol">Price:</td>
    <td><input value="" size ="8">
    <select style="width: 100px;">
            <option>per month</option>
            <option>per year</option>
  <tr style="visibility:hidden">
	  <td class="propertyCol">Capability:</td>
  	<td><select style="font-size:1.2em;">
      <option>Capability 1</option>
      <option>Capability 2</option>
      <option>Capability 3</option>
      <option>Capability 4</option>
      <option>Capability 5</option>
    </select> <br />