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    The necessities of IE7 Compatibility questions...

    So, my company is very high-end, mostly for people with a fair sum of money.

    I'm using this http://www.serie3.info/s3slider/ javascript which apparently can have some IE 7&9 issues. I was wondering if this really matters,

    Honestly, 1) IE has to be the biggest most painful unnecessary complete bull to ever hit the browser world.
    That's all. Only need 1.

    IE makes me lose faith in microsoft, I'm switching to Linux, no company that produces such a crap incompatible *&^%$ etc.

    Anyways, how safe is it to assume that it's okay to ignore IE users? Honestly I just don't care but if it's going to lose us potential clients that isn't okay...

    Is there a way I can set up a test run to see how many people view the site in IE within a couple days or something??
    Or maybe 7 is the decent one and I need to command anyone using 9 to utilize it. I'm not sure...

    Any advice anyone??
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    Well if you want to alienate 25 to 35 percent of the world....lol then ignore IE compatibility.

    Here are some nice stats on this subject. As you can see, over the years the number of IE users have steadily dropped, but still a significant amount of ppl use IE to negate web developers to still code for it.

    Really coding for IE isnt THAT bad if you follow some simple rules. Valid doctypes and valid semantic html and css are the first things to ensure cross browser compatibility. The headaches come when utilizing some tags or css properties that IE doesn't support. HTML 5 I think is/was supposed to address some of those issue. Not sure how that's went so far.


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