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    Help me with this coding please!!?

    Help me with this coding please!!?

    I've added a web widget in dreamweaver and I can edit the caption in the code but cant add my own pictures.. When I change the 1.jpg to a jpg file in my root directory it does nothing but delete the 1.jpg file. Help please.

    window.addEvent('domready', function(){
    var data = {
    '1.jpg': { caption: 'ccc' },
    '2.jpg': { caption: 'A Ceibu tree.' },
    '3.jpg': { caption: 'The view from Volcano Maderas.' },
    '4.jpg': { caption: 'Beer and ice cream.' },

    var myShow = new Slideshow.KenBurns('show1', data, { captions: true, controller: true, delay: 4000, duration: 1000, height: 300, hu: 'images/', thumbnails: true, width: 400 });
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    Additional Details

    I read this in a forum.. but I dont know what it means update the paths??

    The web widget extensions generally require that you go into the code and make any modifications necessary. If there are images that are displayed, then in the code that the extension applies to your page should be paths to the images. Update the paths to point to your images and you should be good to go, and if you need to add more, then you'll need to follow the code to see how to do that.

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    “Update the paths” means you should change the file path to the location that applies to your image(s). In your case you would have to change '1.jpg': to 'image/location/1.jpg':. I suppose you’ll have to change the filename of your images to 1, 2, 3, etc., not change the file names in the code.


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