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    Lightbulb "TheButtonExperiment" coding request.


    I'm just here looking for some help with a new project called "TheButtonExperiment" that I'm setting up (it can be found here) and I need some help coding the button part.

    The idea is simple and is based off 'the button' from the TV show 'LOST'. There will be some kind of countdown linked to a button on the website. The counter will count down from 324 minutes to 0. The point is that a visitor will push the button when the timer's in its last 24 minutes, to reset it.

    We have everything prepared an image of the button etc., but we just need the code of the button resetting the timer and the timer counting down. Also, seeing as I'm new to this kind of stuff, some help in installing it would be greatly appreciated.

    If you could help us code the button we'd be eternally grateful. Sadly, we don't have the funds to pay you (but the website won't be making any money either, so it's not like we'll be making cash off you, it's just a fun idea), but we will add your name to the credits at the bottom of the page when we launch and link back to your website/twitter/whatever.

    Thank-you in advance,
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