I have a page that's almost finished, and now the owner tells me it doesn't work on his (2008 ) iPhone 3G. I went to the shop to test it on various iPhone models and it seems that in fact the 3G doesn't use my stylesheet, and instead reverts to the basic fall-back stylesheet. (To be precise, it seems to ignore the basemod.css and use the base.css instead)

My site uses the YAML Framework http://www.yaml.de/en/home.html

I have made some test pages which can be seen here: http://ou812.bplaced.net/dev20/

I'm not the greatest CSS hack, so please excuse the coding clumsiness... I'm still learning.

The HTML and CSS validates OK. The site looks fine on newer iPhone models, and on Apple's SDK iPhone Simulator.

Has anybody got an idea what could cause this? If someone has an iPhone 3G, could you have a look at that test page? I cannot post the original site here but could of course email it to you..