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    Question About Html (CSS) tags

    I heard that using numbers in the class or id (in CSS or HTML) is not supported in some Browsers. like using <h1> tag, cannot be supported because the 1 in it. So is this true?

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    No, numbers are perfectly fine. The only thing that’s fact is that you can’t use IDs or classes that start with a number.

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    Far as I know the <h1> tag is suppoted by all browsers.

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    Who on earth told you that?

    I've been on the internet more than fifteen years and H1, H2, H3 were the very first tags I learned to use. Of course they are supported in all browsers. Always have been, since prehistoric times.

    They stand for 'Heading One', Heading Two' and so forth... and should be placed in numerical order, to ensure semantic flow (apparently). They came long before CSS was born. The point is, you can style those tags up in CSS, like any other tag.

    Now, with ID and class, you can number them, like: #box_1 or .widget_5 etc. What you can't do is write anything like: #1-something or .6_anything because it wouldn't work. Don't ask me why, I have no idea.

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