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    A complete noob working towards a rather lofty goal.

    I come to you, oh wise CodingForums, for advice and help and what not. You see, I just recently had a spark of inspiration for an amazing new extension or something or other for browsers. However, I have no - absolutely none - coding experience.

    I need to learn. If you've ever used cooliris, think of my idea that feels something along the functionality of that. At least, that's the closest feel I can get towards what I am thinking of. I don't want to say too much, as the idea is brand new. I will be making some concept sketches tomorrow.

    Anyways, what I need to do, is learn some coding. My browser of choice is Google Chrome, so working towards writing an extension for that would be awesome. I know that I will have a ton to learn before I get there, but I am intelligent and a quick learner. So, if you could point me towards a place to begin to learn some coding, whatever type I need to learn, I would be most thankful. Thanks!

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    Google Chrome is a great choice. Their API's for everything is superior to well... everything. lol

    Try this out http://code.google.com/chrome/extens...etstarted.html

    Pretty much HTML, JavaScript, and AJAX.
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