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    passing var to hidden div with href

    Hi all. A bit of a complicated one to explain (but is hopefully easy to solve :/)

    I am designing a members website - call it a facebook clone, but it has different goals.

    I have two main visible divs - one with the users photo, the other with a searched members photo from a db.

    Clicking on a member will bring up profile information that is retrieved from the db.

    As a seperate script, using href="seemember.php?id=1234" with a $_get already works.

    The problem - Instead of using a different php page, I have a hidden div being called using colorbox/.

    The line calling currently looks like this:
    <a class="profilecb" href="#"> <img src="<?php echo $dprofilepicture ?>" ></a>
    This currently works great for displaying one profile, but ideally it need to be
    <a class="profilecb" href="#?id=1234"> <img src="<?php echo $dprofilepicture ?>" ></a>
    similar, in fact, to facebook.

    However - I cannot get this var to the hidden div. (the div would then retrieve the relevant members db info and then display it)

    I have tried every way I can think of to do this, even trying to use "include" within the div to see if I could uses an outside php script instead - all to no avail.

    I believe the issue is with colorbox as the class is not CSS but JS. The line being
    $(".profilecb").colorbox({width:"50%", height:"90%", inline:true, href:"#profile_cbox"});
    Hopefully this makes sense, have been battling this for two days and my brain has fried...lol.

    Any ideas on how to do this?

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    Sounds like you're looking for AJAX functionality. You should be able to Google up thousands of tutorials quite easily. If you're using a javascript framework, check out their wrappers. If not, look at Jquery.
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