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    is justification of text possible?

    Hi all
    I have another dumb question

    is it possible to justify text?
    If so, how?

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    originally from [CSS1]:

    5.4.6 'text-align'

    Value: left | right | center | justify
    Initial: UA specific
    Applies to: block-level elements
    Inherited: yes
    Percentage values: N/A

    This property describes how text is aligned within the element. The actual justification algorithm used is UA and human language dependent.


    DIV.center { text-align: center }

    Since 'text-align' inherits, all block-level elements inside the 'DIV' element with 'CLASS=center' will be centered. Note that alignments are relative to the width of the element, not the canvas. If 'justify' is not supported, the UA will supply a replacement. Typically, this will be 'left' for western languages.

    CSS1 core: UAs may treat 'justify' as 'left' or 'right', depending on whether the element's default writing direction is left-to-right or right-to-left, respectively.
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    hmm, along this line: I have noticed in some cases that text-align: justify tends to make its containing box a little bit wider. I once had a site where if I changed the text to justify (and that's all I did mind you) it would give the page horizontal scroll bars. But if it was just plain left align there were no scroll bars. Very interesting indeed...Anyone else noticed this?
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