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    Can I overlap the header logo onto content?

    Hey All,

    I'm trying to get my header logo working the way I wanted to and had a quick question about it. I have the header logo that was designed in both jpeg and png formats. Is there a way to have the header overlap the content part?

    Right now with the jpeg, it's adding the thin strip of white making it look kind of tacky. In the png, this area is blank and I'd really love to have the edges of those pictures over lap the content/left column/right column. I guess at worst, I'll just replace the white with the column color of light gray to create the illusion of an overlap as opposed to a true overlap.

    Anyway, can I achieve this without any serious recoding? My knowledge of HTML/CSS if very limited. And yes I know the logo picture is largish and I'll resize it once I get this fixed.

    My website is www.explore-massachusetts.com

    I would like it to be like:

    Thanks for the help!

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    The illusion idea is just fine. No need to complicate things! No need to make the whole background gray though: Just take the image and shade the lower left and right hand corners gray and use trial and error until it lines up.


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