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    Create a hidden layer to avoid click


    I have a .html page where I have some Flash code, because users click there and linkback, I would like to see if it's possible to have a hidden element and have it above so users only click here and not the swf below

    Thank you.

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    Maybe requires some trial and error

    I remember that this used to be a common problem with flash some years ago. But if I recall some browsers back then could handle it fine with nothing more than using z-index: to stack the layers. But back then netscape4 and IE5 and older versions of FF and opera where still very common so it was very troublesome to get this working consistently across browsers. Now I suspect that it may well just work fine in most modern browsers today, but I have never tried.

    You may need to export the flash with wmode=transparent as well as using z-index in your css to control the stacking order.

    Personally I would just try to avoid this situation as it has always been a problematic one and results may be highly inconsistent across browsers and platforms. IRC, people would often find solutions only to find it didn't really work so well across multiple systems.

    Give it try, do some experimentation. I you are pressed for time, maybe just rethink that part of your layout.

    You can look through these links for a few different methods to try:

    the one guy in there says he thought the client was lying about the issue in safari on mac which is absurd - why would the client lie about that? I am pretty sure the problem was real for the client, and that is what I meant about highly inconsistent results.


    Good luck, and do let us know how things work out.


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