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Thread: Warped Template

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    Warped Template


    I've recently got to work on a new Web Template, I'm trying to add two images (of flags) into the header, but once this is done it knocks the content out of whack.

    The website is: www.joannaporter.com

    Can anyone help explain why this is happening, I'm really new to all this and so a little tip off here or there would be lovely!


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    where is that code from ?

    The "isi" class must have the same positionning as the top and bottom div

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    Try this. Replace:

    <img src="flags/esp.jpg" alt="Lengua espaņol" align="right" height="25"
     width="40" /><img src="flags/eng.jpg" ;alt="English language"
     align="right" height="25" width="40" />

    <div align="right"><img src="flags/esp.jpg" alt="Lengua espaņol" height="25"
    width="40" /><img src="flags/eng.jpg" alt="English language" height="25" width="40" /></div>

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    try adding this

    #content .isi {
      background: #ECF1B1 url(images/loadfoo_layoutv2_cut_08.gif) repeat-y center;
      margin: auto;
      margin: 0 0px 0 14px;
      padding: 0 0 0 50px;
      width: 840px;
    adding the margin: auto should center your div on the page u may also want to do the same for the rest of your divs and also giving them a set width to be sure everything is working properly all the time

    also not sure why you have a semi-colon here but u should prolly remove it and put the </ul> tag b4 the image coding since they r not a listed item of the unordered list but just slapped into it and throwing it out of whack my guess is that is the problem right there

    <img src="flags/eng.jpg" ;alt="English language"
     align="right" height="25" width="40" /></ul>
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    The flags are not the problem here. Removing the flags entirely from your html does not sort the text alignment in .isi.

    On the alignment, I don't think there's anything too far off with the css. I think your html is wrong. You have a #wrapper div which is centred, unlike anything else. This div is, however, only enclosing #header, everything else is outside it.

    I think you have too many </div> statements at line 21. Remove one of these and put it right at the bottom before your </body> tag.

    With no other changes this sorts out your middle alignment.

    Re the flags themselves, at the moment you do have an errant semi-colon as others have indicated, but you also have the flag <img> tags within the <ul> tags for your menu.

    If the flags are to be part of your menu then wrap the <img> tags with <li> tags like the rest of the menu, and remove the align="right" attribute.

    If not they just need to be outside the <ul> tags. No need to wrap them with divs.

    Hope that makes sense.
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