I have recently made an RSS feed for my employer, the goal of which is to update staff of news when they log on to a computer.

The RSS feed uses an XML document to store the news, a javascript page to process the XML document which is then posted and styled by a HTML/CSS page. This auto-updates using ajax every 5 seconds.

My problem is I have set a background image onto the desktop, and have set a section of the image as a background on the HTML/CSS file used to display the RSS feed.

The goal is to set a specific height, width, and be in the correct position for the window to blend in with the desktop background. The page will then use ajax to update the page without it refreshing (this prevents flicker).

However I am attempting this to be a network wide change. Currently when a member of staff logs in it downloads profiles from the server (including desktop, etc.) so I need something to allow this ONE browser window which is embedded onto the desktop to be a certain size and in a certain position on the page.

If you have any coding ideas, or general ideas it would be a great help. Thanks in advance!