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    Angry div's don't float anymore + link on li object

    Dear all,

    I try to make a long story short.
    So far I was sure I understood the whole CSS layout but unfortunately I don't.
    I generated a "container" div to position the main layout. I was even able to manage 3 divs floating on the same hight next to each other ... don't ask me how because that's my problem. After those 3 div's I the next div I let follow was a "clear both" so I thought that would let me start over again. Now I tried to let 2 different div's float next to each other and I cant. I have no f*** idea and it drives me nuts because 3 inches above I did exactly the same thing ...

    Why isn't it just simple to put my divs where I want them to be.
    I was thinking about an absolute div but I guess thats kindy lame and causes lots of incompatible errors.

    Before I share you my code, I was also wondering about following idea.
    As you can see in the screenshots, there are some LIST items. I gave them a little arrow as background positioned right. I wanted to make this whole item a link. Starting from the image with the text plus the little arrow on the right. I was once able to wrap a href around the whole <li> item but then I do have the effect that there is no space between those li items and it looks like that each li item is 0px padding top&bottom from the next one.. I know its hard to descripe but I want to have a space between each li item.
    If I chose only to make a link on the pic + text I do have around 5px space between the next li item.

    ..............> I solved it.
    Turned out, that I had a "clear both" rule with my left floating div.
    I removed that rule and had both floating next to each other :-)
    I was so happy the whole airplane could here me :-)
    Last edited by cellshade; 09-16-2009 at 11:43 PM. Reason: I solved the issue


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