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    looks good on firefox, on IE, not exactly

    hi guys so I am finally making decent progress with setting up a template I like and it looks great on firefox but NOTHING on IE, except my image, a border, and my footer.

    I am using an auto margin with a wrapper div to center, and I have added a text-align:center; to the body div and text-align:left; to the wrapper with no luck. Read that tip somewhere.

    Is this whole getting the code to work with both browsers and ongoing battle?

    My site is


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    Hi Jon

    This is the line that's causing the problem:

    <!-- <div id="header-pic"></div> --!>
    The comment is not closed correctly. If you view the site using the IE Developer Toolbar you can see that virtually the whole of your content is seen by IE as a comment - which is why it doesn't appear. Sorting this should be a step in the right direction.

    This and a few other errors show up on the validator. Validating your code helps avoid this sort of issue and makes it more likely that things'll look the same in IE and FF.

    Is this whole getting the code to work with both browsers and ongoing battle?
    Getting IE (especially IE6) to display what you want is sometimes a battle, yes, a quick glance at the posts on this forum highlights that. Looks like you are doing the sensible thing and developing your code for FF.
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