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    How to send HTML emails via webmail?


    A colleague of mine asked me how/if he can use any of the free webmail providers (hotmail / googlemail / yahoomail) to send out newsletters.

    He basically wants a simple advert style newsletter to appear when the email is opened, it is not an attachment, it is similar to the sort of advertisment email Ebay will send you periodically altering you to knew offers / deals etc.

    It got me wondering, how is it done?

    • Can anyone give me any starter tips? Im guessing I can design a basic newsletter using html/css like a standard webpage? It can even just be a single image without any links.
    • Does anything differ in the layout of the code to a standard html webpage?
    • Can external style sheets be used?
    • Does the html and images need to be uploaded anywhere specific / or different to my standard website?
    • Is any other software required or specific mail provider?
    • Do the free webmail providers let you send html email?

    I also tried sending an embedded image from my Hotmail account, but it was'nt displaying in other webmail accounts such as yahoomail. I even uploaded the image to Flicr and copied it with the web link into my email and tried sending it, but it still did'nt work.
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    First google link

    hope it helps

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    Your best bet would be to use online services. Checkout
    * http://www.mailchimp.com/
    * http://www.campaignmonitor.com/

    MailChimp will be good to start off.

    GroupMail is a good tool, if you want to manage sending the newsletter yourself.

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    Found a couple articles referencing your issue

    Google and Yahoo


    Hope this helps



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