I need to make a website that has three panels with some functionality that I'm tossed about the best way to implement. The 3 panels are all the same size and go left to right with each panel covering the whole length/height of the page while taking up a third of the width. The first panel is a nav that opens the 2nd panel which is basically another nav that has links (hovers most likely) that will display in the 3rd panel.

So when you view the first page it is 2 panels (1st panel and a double sized 2nd panel) when you click a link in the 1st panel the 2nd panel changes and then the 3rd panel slides out. Then, the 2nd panel becomes the nav (hover or click - not sure which yet) and the links there change the content of the 3rd panel.

I'm thinking that PHP with javascript is the best versus Flash especially since I don't know flash...

I have also recently checked out YUI Grids CSS and wondered if that might also be a way to go. Anyone have any experience with Yahoo YUI Grids CSS and thinks this is a viable option?

Thanks in advance for your time..