Hello All,

I have a unique situation that is driving me nuts!

I get the HTML content from email messages which can sometimes contain images. Since these images are embedded, the src attribute is set to "cid:xxxxxx". If I open the email message in Outlook, I can see the images.

However, if I save the source of the message to an HTML file, I cannot get the images to display. I have even tried saving the images (right-click, save picture as...) to the same directory as the HTML file, but no luck.

The only way I can get the images to display is by editing the HTML src tag for each image. Since I have 1000's of emails, that is not an option.

Here is what I know: cid:xxxx is the content ID of the image.
So, somewhere, Outlook is telling the HTML viewer where to go get ContentID XXXX.

How do I tell my HTML page where to go looking for content? Is there a way to specify a "location" or "content" directory for an HTML file?

This has been driving me nuts for over a week now. Help!!!