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    Links and CSS z-index

    I needed to get a div with a background image in a certain spot on my page with position:absolute, and I had to make the div a z-index of -1. This worked fine, except in the same div there are links and text that need to be normal instead of covered up. So I tried setting the div (inside the z-index:-1'd div) to z-index: 1 !important. This doesn't work.

    Does anyone know how to make the links clickable?

    Here is the page that is not working. The links are in the div that says "You are not logged in", except they show up when you are logged in. It's in the same div, however, so you can still see that you can't highlight the text that says "You are not logged in."

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    Make the links position: relative; this puts them in front. Not 100% sure on your question so I am sorry if I didn't answer it.

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