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Thread: Form Submitting

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    Form Submitting

    <form name="ulogin" method="POST" id="formlogin" action="index.php">
    	<input name="uuser" type="text" value="Username" onBlur="loginCheck(this)" onFocus="clearT(this)" onKeyDown="">
    	<input name="upass" type="password" value="Password" onBlur="loginCheck(this)" onFocus="clearT(this)">
    	<input type="hidden" value="1" name="login">
    <center><button type="submit">Go</button></center>
    Quick question, very nooby probably but. Submits when I press the button. But when i press enter, it reloads the page but no data was submitted because it just reloads.


    To see in action.

    Login: 3dstz
    Pass: 3d
    (Temporary account)

    I'm using firefox by the way.

    Ok I asked some people to test, but it worked for them pressing enter. Just not for me. So this is in the wrong forum. So new question, and maybe you could move the post.

    What firefox settting could be making it not work when i press enter?
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