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    howto make transparent layer over an image ??

    Hello forums !!
    I had an image which is kept @ the background of a table.
    I want to make a layer over that image ie transpaernt layer .
    How to make that transparent layer using css ?
    Any idea?
    Awaiting for you help.

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    You can use the opacity settings:


    But it's complicated to prevent the text and other elements in the table from also inheriting the opacity of its parent.

    A better way would be to use a transparent GIF, if you can, and a PNG if you have to.

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    What on earth do you mean? If you set an image as the background of a div (or a table cell in your case, which leads me to believe you are using a tables-for-layout site, which is a BIG no no!) then you can create a div within that div that can act as a transparent layer? However, I don't see what purpose this could possibly be for? Could you explain a little more in depth what you are trying to do and maybe post a link, and some code to help us out?
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