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Team Valid

  1. Millenia
    Uhhhh.. Hi
  2. oesxyl
    I think you may replace "Get your" with "Disscusions about", :)
  3. Millenia
    If I did that you wouldn't have to gasp for air after the sentence. That ruins the fun
  4. Millenia
    There are 63,762 members of this forum and none of them are interested in valid code :o?
  5. oesxyl
    what do you mean by none? we are three here, :)
    Why should be somebody interested in ... what we do here? :)
    People wait to happend something and then if it is interesting they come.
    I hope we don't wait them to come, :)

    btw only around 8000 are active, cf first page, bottom ( it's hard to define active, :))

    Edit: Since we can't help people here, because conflict with forum pourpuse, we must define what this group must do.
  6. oracleguy
    People care, just very few know even how to get to the groups page so they don't even know it exists. This thread might interest you: http://www.codingforums.com/showthread.php?t=23475 It is a sticky from a few years back.
  7. Millenia
    I've never seen that thread before! When I get time I'll check out those links on it.

    (Quote tags would be useful here)
  8. Fou-Lu
    Awesome. I'm not a designer, but I'm anal about what I do design :D
  9. FWDrew
    Nice to see so many friendly faces here in this group :)
  10. Apostropartheid
    You've not seen my face -.-
    Well...I hope not, anyway.
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