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Problems bug reporting

  1. barkermn01
    jQuery are very eager to promote there product and add features to the system but there not so keen on bug fixes for there supposed CrossBrowser Javascript Libaray,

    There have been problems with IE6 where certain way's dont work in one browser and you have to resort to another this is one think i would say means it is a core problem for there supposed cross browser support if you are foced to resort to another way then its not supported they way you have built it, that would be the same as using AJAX in IE6 you can't just call the XMLHttpRequest Object but then it can still do it that does not mean that the XMLHttpRequest is crossbrowser why do jQuery think that it's fine for them but then IE6 does not and has never promoted that it is Strict to the Standards but jQuery are allowed to claim there cross browser when there not
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