hi please help! - this is tricky: i'm redesigning this template, a listing of available movies: http://www.mylifeguides.com/deanzaco...quicktime.html

I'm trying to figure out how and where to load the selected movies. new, sized windows would be nice but i'm worried about popup blockers. In the top of the page, where the photo is now would be possible too but how to do get the movies to load?
Target brower environment is community college computer labs. I guess oldish, with no ability to change preferences, and maybe with popup blockers. This will be duplicated many times, without a database so efficiency is important.

i think i could get JavaScript to change the movie at the top of the page and go to top, but the movie developer is worried about people turning off JS (who really does that?) and he thinks he won't be able to maintain it.

So where do you suggest the movies load - new window or embedded?
If embedded, how to code loading the new movie and going to top of page?
Thank you so much!