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    What shall I use for web graphics editing?

    Hi Everybody!
    We'd like to open a new department for web site design, but I know nothing about PRO graphics software. Can you tell me what software to choose and what it will cost me?
    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    There were some posts about this before.... I think most people here and most (professional) graphic designers are using Adobe Photoshop. I personally use Macromedia Fireworks (which is pretty equivalent) and since Macromedia is now a subsidiary of Adobe it's all from the same company.
    Then there is also Corel Draw/Photo Paint which has a similar functionality.

    Since these software (I learned that the plural of software is software too, not softwares ) are relatively expensive (look at the companies' websites or on ebay) there are also some good open source graphic editors but I can't tell you much about these. You might wanna do a search here on the forums or on Google.
    (I know there was a poll about that but I can't seem to find it! Dammit!)

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    Yeah one of the open source graphic editors that I found to be really good is GIMP. Try www.gimp.org
    Most of my questions/posts are fairly straightforward and simple. I post long verbose messages in an attempt to be thorough.

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    GIMP will not achieve professional results. If you're hiring professional web developers for smaller projects, hire them based on their results, and buy the software they'll use. This will save you time and money, and save them frustration. Yes, it's expensive. But so are professional developers.

    The industry standards are:
    • Adobe Creative Suite 2
      • Photoshop
        • site mockups
        • photo touchups
        • major design drafting
      • Illustrator
        • Logo, brochure, other vector design
      • GoLive
        • A small minority of designers use this over Dreamweaver.
    • Macromedia Studio 8
      • Dreamweaver
        • site management
        • FTP
        • coding
      • Contribute
        • Limited access content contributions to HTML
      • Flash
        • embedded video
        • interactive interfaces
        • advanced animation (if required)
      • Fireworks
        • Graphics (not picture) optimisation
        • graphics touch-ups, etc.
    Macromedia and Adobe recently merged, so you're now able to buy the whole lot as one package.

    Alternatively, if you're just getting started, just get Dreamweaver and Photoshop. They can cover about 80-90% of jobs happily. If you're getting into serious professional business, it's not fun to have to say no to 10-20% of the market, especially when interactive and vector works are paid the most.

    Also, it's the convention not to bother upgrading to the next generation. Usually people skip one or two gens, because the improvements are slow & incremental, and upgrading is an unnecessarily costly business. Unless you're using intel based macs, don't upgrade to CS3.
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