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Thread: New Earth RPG

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    New Earth RPG

    I would like a game like a survival game with no enemies but you have to make things to survive.

    My premise is that you are living somewhere completely new to you and have to survive so that you can have children that will survive.

    This is a planet that is very much like earth. It has more of the endangered species so that they aren't endangered there. There is a forest with a lot of maples, a place where the house will be, and a place out in the open where there will be things to help you survive once you start.

    Your goal is to survive as well as you can.

    Here is the profile format:

    Name: Age: Gender: Apperance: Background: Personality: Gear:

    Now is there a way I can make this RPG with Javascript only or do I need some HTML and CSS also?

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    JavaScript only does calculations and manipulations of already exsiting code (simply spoken). If you want to actually show anything you need HTML, and if you want it to look a specific way you need CSS. Theoretically you could write all that using JavaScript but that would be pretty stupid.


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