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    Website for Bids converted to PDF?

    Hey all,
    I recently created a website for a client who sends out hundreds of bids a year in the form of a PDF. They are interested in designing an editable template and I'm at a loss.

    Certain areas need to be changed for each bid (bids are around 100 pages each with details about each project). Do any of you know if there is a way to set up a PDF template that can be edited - with pages being added and removed - like a word document?

    Otherwise the only thing I can think to do would be to create a nice template and force it into a Word doc as best as I can so he can make changes for each different bid...

    I would really appreciate some guidance on this one. I'm not sure how to proceed.


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    how about this http://php.net/manual/en/book.pdf.php ?
    i would create a template with variables and a form. then i would use mail() to send output to customers.
    if you'll design form looking like your PDF document, then you'll have what you want
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