hi... i have just created a website using google sites.....i was hoping to be able to display spredsheet data on an image

At the moment i am using google docs... the image below is a spread sheet which updates everytime a form is filled in ...i.e someone may put 50 "black "sheep in P8 (paddock 8) and the box P8 will update to show the number 50 and the word black....

what I want is for the number of sheep and type (the info currently shown in the spreadsheet cells for P8) to appear on the above map... i.e the blue area will update to show there are 50 black sheep in there....this map will need to update everytime sheep are moved (this is sorted as i have gotten my google spredsheet to do this with a form)

Any help, or pointing in the right direction will greatly help! i dont know even where to begin searching!!!



p.s if you havee seen this post before, it is because i think i posted this in the wrong section of this site this morning...oops