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Thread: Stroke Path

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    Exclamation Stroke Path


    I am having an issue with stroke path in Adobe photoshop.

    There were times the stroke path (on a straight line or otherwise) would create a streak-like effect such as:

    Notice it fades out at both ends.

    Now, when I apply the stroke path effect, it doesn't fade out and the line is uniform from end to end. I am sure there is a setting that has been altered - can anyone help in figuring out how to get the effect in the image above?

    Would greatly appreciated it as I've tried what I could but I am sure its something simple.

    Thank you!

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    Quick Fix: When you have your line and you right click it and hit stroke path and the box comes up make sure its on pencil for a solid line if you have it set to brush it seems to give this effect.

    or you can just uncheck Simulate Pressure. They both seem to work.
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    it's also dependent on the brush settings you've currently got selected. Best practise is to get the brush settings correct first, practice on a new layer if required, then without changing those settings jump over to paths > stroke path with brush, this will use the exact settings you just specified...thus allowing the feathered edges etc etc...

    hope it helps


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