Hi guys

i am trying to set up a few ip cameras for a client.

yet i am having trouble getting the stream from the camera to the webpage then for it to play through a player. i have tried different players such as WMP, VLC(cant get it to work). i am now using jplayer which would be great if i could get it to work on this one as works for phones or so it says.

what i have done so far is to go into my router(thomson TG585 v8) and set up port forwarding.

i have set up port 554 on TCP/UDP which in the camera settings is the RTSP port.

i have set my camera to a static ip and am using no-ip for the ddns.


this is the url i am trying to use but i cannot get the stream on to the player i know the stream works outside my LAN as connected to it through VLC last night.

if anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated as been working on this for a week and been going nowhere.

so if you have noticed i have missed anything out or done something wrong please let me know.