Hello. I have 1 tiny flash animation on my site. I'm annoyed that Apple does not support flash on their ipads & iphones. I'd like to say "screw you apple, people who use your mobile products are just s*** out of luck", but I feel like the only person i'd really be hurting is myself. The problem is that I don't know any alternatives to achieve the functionality that I want.

First, the animation. The site itself is not flash, even though it may look like it at first glance. The only flash on the site is hidden - it appears on a mouse-over event. Here is the site:


Running the cursor over the animated gif in the lower-right corner triggers the flash animation.

Here are the requirements of the animation:
1) It must not loop/repeat, which rules out animated gifs
2) It must "rewind" and start from the beginning at each mouse-over trigger

Is there anything other than flash that could handle the job?

Thanks for your time,