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    help with graphic plz.


    I am making part of my web page look like the fold of a book. Not being a graphics person, I thought it involved just one fade, from the darkness of the fold to the colour of the page. It seems however, to require shading for both sides but, to differing levels.

    My attempt is attached. I'll appreciate whatever help you might offer so I can get this done and move on.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -test-jpg  
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    So you need a gradient on the left side of the gradient you have now? What are you using? Photoshop?

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    If using Photoshop, when your gradient tool is active, you will notice on the options bar, a drop down for the style of gradient used. Further options can be found by clicking on this. From here, you can set up the colour and opacity stops, to customize your gradient.

    Next along, on the bar, is a set of gradient types - Linear, Radial, angle, reflected, etc. You might want the reflected gradient for this, I don't know.

    Might not be PS you're using, but most decent graphic editors should carry more or less the same sort of options for the gradient fill.
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