Hi there,

Great forums by the way!

I have engaged a web-developer to program an ecommerce music retail website for me. The website contains quite a few mp3 samples so that users can preview songs before they purchase them.

The problem is, they are telling me they can only program the default Media Player (which is often Windows Media Player) to activate when a user clicks on an mp3 sample.

I have been to another site, and they have 'Real Media Player' programmed in as their default mp3 player. I have Windows Media Player set as my default player, yet, when i visit this site, i am forced to listen to mp3s on the Real Player.

This alludes to the fact that you can actually program in to the code the specific media player you want controlling all media samples on your website.

Would this be correct?

My developers are telling me they can only set it to whatever the default player is on any users particular computer, but i suspect they are taking the easy way out.

Is it possible to code for The Windows Media Player specifically? This is my preferred player.

Any comments welcome.

Thanks in advance