I am creating an HTML e-mail which contains some text and some images. My e-mail looks great when I send it to my Hotmail, Gmail and Outlook Express accounts. It also looks fine in Yahoo! Classic and the new Yahoo! Mail BETA.

However, before I upgraded to Yahoo! Mail BETA (from an older version of Yahoo! whose version type I do not know, but am pretty sure it was NOT Yahoo! Classic because the e-mail looks normal in Yahoo! Classic) the e-mail was a mess:

The images and text kept repeating themselves all the way down the page.

I tried designing the e-mail with and without CSS and both versions (the non-CSS and the CSS version) had this problem in Yahoo!

Has anyone heard of this issue before and is there a way for me to make sure that my e-mail will look normal in ALL versions of Yahoo!?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!