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Thread: Slicing

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    I currently have photoshop, and I want to slice my template and make it be able to use in Dreamweaver. In the past, I have asked people to slice it for me. Just yesterday, I looked over some tutorials and I thought it was complicated. (Call me a noob. :\ )

    NOW, I want to KNOW how to slice myself. Can anyone post some step-by-step tutorial(s) on slicing? If possible, mabye post one you've created on yourself?

    Thanks alot.

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    Anyone who replies to your thread will most likely go out to Google or some other search engine, enter some keywords like photoshop slicing tutorial, and give you the links to a couple of the results, as I have done. See this and this. Take your pick of these or any of literally thousands of them on the internet. They're all about the same. To point out the obvious though, this is something you could do yourself.

    Why not pick one of those tutorials and go through it using the image they provide in the tutorial, or one of your own? If you get stuck, come back here with specific questions about what you don't understand. You never know what you can do until you try.
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    There's no single sure-fire way to convert a comp into an implementable CSS design; how you go about it all depends on what a page's layout should be, how the different graphical elements can be distributed over the various HTML elements available, etc.
    The regular slicing-n-dicing facilities offered by tools such as ImageReady are sub-optimal at best; there's a reason why clever people manage to fill books on the subject (reading one of those would be a good idea, by the way).


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