I hope this is the correct forum to post this. If not, please let me know the correct one.

I have an application which is run under IIS and ServletExec. If I try to put an asp file in any of the directories under the application run by ServletExec, I get the Error 404 when I try to run the asp file.

If I put the asp file in another directory under IIS, I have no problem running the asp file.

The application directory structure is:
Putting image.asp anywhere under this directory structure gets the 404.

Putting the image.asp file in the following directory works fine.

In each case the URL I use is:

Both directories are defined as allowing scripts to run in IIS.

1. Is this valid -- can I mix asp and jsp under IIS and ServletExec?
2. If it is, what do I need to define in order for it to be able to run the asp file?

Thanks in advance for your help.