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Thread: Bots and Frames

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    Bots and Frames


    Do I want to let Bots index my entire site? What happens if it indexes say my News page - when someone clicks on that result, won't it just open the News.html page - not in the frames layout it's supposed to be displayed in?

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    Yes but any one can do that any ways (All I need to do is right click on your link and hit open in new window/tab). You could always run some JS that checked if it was in a frame and them reframe if it is not in a frame, kind of like MSDN does, but turning off JS will disable this.
    Note: I do not test code. I just write it off the top of my head. There might be bugs in it! But if any thing I gave you the overall theory of what you need to accomplish. Also there are plenty of other ways to accomplish this same thing. I just gave one example of it. Other ways might be faster and more efficient.


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