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    Building new (Easy) software - help

    Morning Everyone,

    I am new to the coding/programming world. Currently do everything on Excel.

    I work from an insurance broker, and currently we put all our renewal list on an excel sheet that we all share so can edit at the same time and update progress, we then have a separate sheet for new business we are working on, claims on going ect.

    We are experiencing some big growth at the moment and are looking at creating a very basic software system - these are my requirements.

    I need to be able to upload data (Next months renewal list)
    Need to have more than one person in/editing at the same time
    I need different users to be allowed to view different date (For example we have self employed people, I only want them to be able to see renewal lines where they are noted as the owner)
    Would be great if we could also build an app that connects to main software so can be checked/updated on the go

    Basically I want an online version of excel that we can develop as the business grows.

    For example, I would like an add button where it opens a pop-up where we can enter details of new business and it can pre-populate the new business list.

    I just wanted to know the below
    1 - how easy is something like this to create
    2 - What platform/software can I use to create it
    3 - Any other advice

    The only other option would be for me to create a log-in screen for excel which determines which sheets the self employed people can view (I know how to do that already) but would rather have something more professional.

    Thank you in advance,

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    1 - how easy is something like this to create

    Depends on what you know. For me, super easy. For someone else, could be impossible.

    2 - What platform/software can I use to create it

    This is perfectly suited for Mysql/Php

    3 - Any other advice

    A. Stop using excel and use a Database.
    B. Hire me to build this for you.
    To save time, lets just assume I am almost never wrong.

    The XY Problem
    The XY problem is asking about your attempted solution (X) rather than your actual problem (Y). This leads to enormous amounts of wasted time and energy, both on the part of people asking for help, and on the part of those providing help.

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