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    Anyone built a 2FA using a prebuilt API

    I was thinking about adding 2FA to one of my sites, however i dont know anything about using JSON or NODE JSother than when i use it in AJAX.

    I found this and wondered if anyone has used it to build a 2FA, more specifially TOTP Time Based One Time Password.


    This will be for a PHP script.... i want to add something like google authentication where they can add my site to their google authenticator. Im reading about speakeasy now but maybe there is another option so i thought i would ask here.

    Thanks dave

    UPDATE: well i found this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yv5tZu5wAU0

    I do understand what is happening but since i dont know NODE JS (which i assume is that he is doing) i would not be able to support it, troubleshoot it if something changes. Plus the fact that i still dont like using 3rd party providers, if they get penetrated then so does everything my users depend on.

    How many times has it been on the news that some small little script that typically means nothing has been hacked and it turns out that script had connections to a bigger fish and now its a major issue.

    I know 2FA is good, but also is doing it correctly to limit exposure.
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