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    Temporary / business card websites

    Hi, I'm building a few websites and want to put something up as a temporary website until the full website is ready.

    Like an under construction website except it won't say under construction, it will just feature the logo, contact details, possibly a button and a few sentences of text (no scrolling down or menu of any kind). As far as the visitor knows, it's just a very minimal website.

    I tend to call them calling card websites or business card websites but I'm not finding what I'm looking for when I search Google.

    I want it to look really clean and have a few ideas but am struggling to find many examples of this kind of website for inspiration (I have seen them before).

    Does anyone know what else this type of website is called or have any examples or templates of this type of website?

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    I've always called them placeholder websites. And got google to cough up a few: https://www.dummies.com/web-design-d...-your-website/ and https://www.johanbostrom.se/blog/the...ces-on-the-web
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