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    Hosting packages

    I am learning HTML5 and CSS3 and would like to have an online hosting package. Nothing grand, just somewhere i can have a look at my creations online.
    A few years ago i was using 'Free Webs, Webs' to host my webpages but life took a turn for the worse and i was in hospital for sometime. Which resulted
    in me losing the hosting package with 'Free Webs'. So could anyone recommend an hosting package? A noobs/beginner package would be great if such exist lol.
    Thanks everyone.

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    If you are just learning, use Netlify or Github pages for free. Use Jekyll or Hugo framework and host the same on Netlify , github pages, gitlab pages etc. You can host full fledged blogs on these platforms so I don't see why you cant host a simple portfolio. There are also some react based platforms


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