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    Information finder

    I'm making the web page which includes products and the prices from other websites (like Amazon, eBay). The problem is if the other website changes the price than my price is still previous and wrong. What is the best way to get that price information from the other website and place it into my website so it updates the prices whenever the main price to the product is changed from the other website?

    My coding skills are beginners but if I know what is the best way to make I could learn it.


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    This is actually difficult to do.

    It involves a couple of methods.
    1) Those other sites offer an API (Application Program Interface) that allows outsiders to query their databases.
    2) There is an agreement of some kind to allow certain outsiders to access data (like Amazon and Ebay do).
    These companies get paid by other websites to display their prices and info ... like an advertisement.
    3) You use PHP to "scrape" a website's HTML to get their data. This is unethical since it is basically stealing content without permission. You can Google "html scraping".

    Here is where someone talks about scraping as though it's just a wonderful, normal thing to do. It's not.
    If you sold items on a website, or art, or photos, etc. Would you want people taking data from your site and displaying it on their site without permission?

    If you want to display products and prices from other websites, contact them and ask about "how can I do this"? They may have a way you can sync-up to their site, or they may say, "no thanks", we don't feel your website or representation of our products is good for our business. You can hurt them more than help them.


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