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    Question Looking For Web Proxy Hosts


    ... and let's not forget the "Girls"!

    I am really starting to get pissed off at the searchengines.
    For 2 days now been googling (tried ask.com now too) searching for web proxy hosts as I want to run a free service like:
    But hardly any relevant results. You try and see for yourself.

    Been googling for 2 days for info on what to look out for (risks/dangers) in running your own free web proxy service (like anonymouse.org). That way, I can be aware of all the risks and take measures in advance so I don't fall in the pit-falls.
    But hardly any relevant results. You try and see for yourself on that too.

    Been searching for proxy server script reviews but hardly any proper reviews get found.

    Now, if you know of any good webhost (proxy host) that will:

    * allow me to run my own free web proxy available to the public like anonymouse.org;
    * allow me to remotely connect to mysql;
    (I need to get my desktop .exe softwares to dump data to my website's mysql database).
    * will not send me a big bill if my bandwidth goes over limit (capping measures must be in place or better if they provide unlimited bandwidth);

    Then provide the links below.

    If you know of any gpl (free) web proxy server php script that will allow me to update it with my own money making features (so I can add features to the php script that will enable the web proxy users to earn money by using my free web proxy etc. service) then provide the links below.
    (And yes, my web proxy users will indirectly make money by using my free web proxy. Stand-by and see for yourself! I am not going to reveal my ideas here so others can get the idea up and running before I do. Hold your breath and keep watch and see what happens).

    In short, I need a gpl web proxy server script.
    I need a flexible and suitable webhost who will allow remote mysql connections and allow me to run web proxies.
    My current webhost has now stopped remote mysql connection and expects me to buy their dedicated line for nearly $50/yr. I don't like to pay any extra to what I used to get without any charge (as it came with the paid hosting).

    Btw, what kind of questions should I as the webhost regarding the free web proxy service I want to run ?
    Here are some questions I have in mind to ask but you are welcome to add your own questions for me to as them:

    Q. What features in the proxy server must I keep tabs on so my users don't download anything illegal or don't visit any websites related to porn or illegal activities ?
    Q. How can I meter my web proxy users ? Which web proxy php script would meter my users ?
    Q. How to add banned words list to the web proxy server so that if my users request my web proxy server to fetch any webpages related to these keywords then their requested webpages don't get fetched ? Web proxy must check requested page's content keywords, met keywords, meta descriptions, image file names, video file names, webpage file names and file path names (directory names) for these banned keywords.

    Don't recommend me Glype or MiniProxy. Former license restrictive and latter has too complicated coding for my liking to update.

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