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Thread: Pre check

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    Pre check

    Greetings All,

    I am about to try my hand at something and am unsure whether or not this is something I can show myself the way through or should attempt to hire or contract someone to help with. I have some basic coding training/education and am a quick study but dont want to bite off more than I can chew.

    In the simplest description I am hoping to launch a simple website that will include a page used to check membership status. Users will be prompted to enter their user number, the member number of the person in question and click submit. This will then check a data base to verify a true/false value as to whether or not that member number is appearing as active. Additionally there will also be a page where new members can submit their information to be approved for membership which will include CCinfo and personal info.

    My main question is what sort of hosting should I be looking achieve this and is an SQL the right direction to head in?

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    Any linux hosting account will (should) come with what you will need. (Php, Mysql). You will need to know more than just SQL if you are going to do this. You will need to know HTML, PHP, CSS, SQL, and Mysql at the least. All of that is not something you are going to learn overnight. I have been doing this over twenty years and I am still learning new things.

    Should you decide to contract the project, I am available.
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