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Thread: Guidence needed

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    Lightbulb Guidence needed

    i am new on it.
    kindly guide me about the purchasing of the domain
    thanks and regards

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    Just go to one of the cheaper domain registrars (I use godaddy.com, but there are others) and find a name no one else is using.
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    I'm just going to assume you know what a "domain" is.

    If you mean "Domain Name", like 'alvincarter.com', then you find a Domain Registrar that you can use to host your domain name. It doesn't have to be a webhost, but most webhosts also handle the domain registration.

    You need to find a domain name not yet used.
    For example, 'alvincarter.com' is already taken by someone else.
    'alvinfcarter.com' is available to be used.

    The domain registrars have a search box you use to find out if a domain name has already been taken

    Now if you meant "webhost", as in your own shared webhost account (a website), you would look for a webhost (example GoDaddy). You can subscribe to a webhost without owning a domain name, but you'll get a 'package deal' if you subscribe to both webhost and domain name hosting at the same time. They are separate in that each one can be subscribed for various length of years and you pay for them separately. You can move your domain name hosting to different hosts as well, or point your domain name to a different website on a different webhost.

    As Oil Pedant said, a webhost such as GoDaddy will handle both of them for you at the same time. If you pick a webhost like cleverdot.com, you get a deal for a 1-year subscription. You'll get the webhost account AND domain name for only $39.95. That's pretty cheap. After the first year, it's about $54.00. I've use both GoDaddy and cleverdot ... never had any problems with either host.

    Hope that helps.
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