I need a YouTube widget player for an artist site I am currently working on. I have in the past built one when YouTube had a walk through prompt that allowed for one to be made in a step by step manner adjusting color and other parameters. It is located here at the top of the page in gray where many videos can be played in the widget: Gabe Garcia | Videos However, I have been unable to find a YT widget such as this one as it seems YT has removed this step by step prompt from their service.

I would like the YT widget to be like the one above or laid out like this one located here at the bottom of the page. This one slides horizontally: Paramore | Paramore New Single 'Ain't It Fun' Available Now | Official… | Official site w/ band info, audio, video, photo & tour dates.

Please let me know where I can find a YT widget player like the ones above.

Thank you for your time and solutions.