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    Need help with building a web-based Assessment engine to evaluate Trainees

    Hi All,

    I am completely new to both Javascript and coding. However, i have now been assigned with a task of building a web-based e-assessment engine, that could evaluate trainees/students. Here's a detail about the requirements.

    1. We are looking to build a web-page on which we would like to host this "Online Test engine page" so users can access to take tests.
    2. We have a pool of questions which the test engine should access and display, one at a time and upon clicking the "Next" button, the next question should be displayed.
    3. There should be a timer which should be counting backwards to zero and stop the test at zero
    4. Finally the test engine should be able to evaluate and calculate the total marks and display the score accordingly.

    Since i am new to this entire stream and a few of my friends suggested that Javascript could be used for such tasks, i am hereby requesting for help on the same.

    If one or many of you could tell me which Javascript topics to concentrate and which could really help me in my above requirements, i would learn them accordingly and try to build this test engine.

    Any help in this regards would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

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    What are the tests like?
    Are they text only ... like multiple choice?
    Where you have a question and maybe 4 or 5 possible answers: A,B,C,D,E ?

    Or will there be images involved, or places where they type answers (like words)?

    One problem with javascripting is that it can be disabled via the browser.
    Javascripting would be a good tool for GUI (graphic user interface), but to actually
    rely on it for testing purposes may be questionable.

    PHP would be used for the server-side portion .. where the questions are taken from a database and served one at a time. PHP also keeps track of answers and timestamps.

    Finally, PHP would be used for logins. You need the test taker to log-in so information is logged with their ID number.

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    Since it sounds like you are not a javascript programmer, you might benefit from posting a paid project at Freelancer.com I have used there service several time and found excellent results for a very reasonable cost.


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