Hi all,

We currently are on Q9 Servers but are looking to move to a hosting company that is not as expensive. We have had nothing but great experiences with Q9 but for the amount we are paying and the actual traffic to our site it is not worth the huge price tag.

We are looking for a dedicated linux fully managed server.

Our big need (as I'm assuming all sites are) is up time. We are usually around the 10mb/s bandwidth and burst to something in the 90-100 mb/s range during peak times. We are currently are looking at something in the range of,

15 - 20TB monthly. We have fiddled with the unlimited bandwidth option and have been thoroughly disappointed with the server we have gotten.
Hot Swap Raid HDs
Quad-core 3.3 GHz Intel
16GB Memory

Network firewall
Root Access
Full DNS Access Rights
Firewall backup

Will be using CentOS 6.4

Our site basically has our downloadable programs with a Online store. Users can also come on to the site and check for updates and download the updates if their version is out of date.

Any hosting solutions that you have had great experiences with would be great!